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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Walking the Course at the Dog Show

Here people were showing off the dog course at the show.


Steve Buser said...

Can't see my Sheltie doing that!
--steve buser
New Orleans Daily Photo

Anonymous said...

I can guess and hope it had cooled down some when the photos were taken as it was blistering hot here the other day. Has cooled off sometoday.

Nice photos.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville Daily Photo

Jilly said...

Great stuff! I missed yesterday and your papillon. I often look after papillons. Pretty little dogs, wary of strangers - therefore barky at strangers. My friend who has two adores them, says they are very intelligent. I think he just loves 'em! They don't trust new people - one man dogs - or one couple dogs really.

joy said...

Your photo reminded me of something I forgot! And I now have this lump in my throat. I was supposed to watch a dog show here in Norwich on the 2nd of August. Waaaah!

Norwich Daily Photo

Lizzy said...

And I thought people only walked the course at horse jumping shows :)

Emily Lin said...

It seems really interesting!! We will be having a dogshow in K.L. too, on 9th of September. Hopefully I can make it then because I love dog! BTW, did you see any Pug that day? I love pug. :))

Jules said...

These dogs are so clever - i love watching them. i also find their owners a lot of fun to watch as well!!!!

Jules said...

PS I have added you to my fav links -
hope you don't mind!!!!

Old Wom Tigley said...

Always a fun thing to watch, dog and owners. Which are more entertaining ...well I couldn't say.

Neva said...

This is what I want to train Clancy to do.

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