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Friday, August 24, 2007

Churning Yarn

I believe this lady is making a scarf the old fashioned way. This was a photo I took a few weeks ago at the People's Choice Arts Fest and didn't post it then.


Lori said...

It looks like you have to be patient to do that sort of work. Nice shot!

isabella said...

That's a veeeery long scarf ;-)

Old Wom Tigley said...

I think she is spinning the yarn onto a bobbin, rather than making anything.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Tom is right, she is creating the bobbin. It is a nice photo. I wonder why the bare foot? Maybe they didn't want to scratch the foot pedal by wearing shoes.

GMG said...

It looks that she enjoying what she's doing... Loved to see some of the previous posts too. The duck is quite interesting...

I�m taking a holiday in Greece, provided the fires allow me to, so won't be able to post and comment till mid-September. Meanwhile I leave you in Bali at Blogtrotter. Enjoy!

Neva said... because it was hot? but it looks cute! nice shot.

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