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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Anchor on the Brockerhoff House

Here's another little discovery for me in my town. I took a photo of the Brockerhoff House on an earlier post here: I never noticed that on the top of the building on the roof, it looks like theirs an anchor drawn on it.


iBlowfish said...

Beautiful house, ornaments on top of the roof remind me to ethnic houses somewhere in Northeast Asia.

Rambling Round said...

Sure does look like an anchor! Very neat.

Old Wom Tigley said...

What a beautiful roof, the work that as gone into that is very well done and thought out..

I was wondering about this and came up with this snippet..

This cross was the emblem of St. Slement, bishop of rome,
who according to tradition was tied to an anchor and tossed
into the sea by the emperor trajan.
it has been the anchor cross and the firm faith which kept christians steady in the storms of life.
based on hebrews 6:19 which reads, ‘we have this hope,
a sure and steadfast anchor of the soul, a hope that enters
the inner shrine behind the curtain.’
It might just have something to do with the building...

I've seen buildings with Masonic signs on them before and like heraldry they tend to mean something like the Anchor Cross

Dan said...

Looks like it belongs in Germany, not PA!

lv2scpbk said...

Tom, Thanks for the info. That is neat, I never thought about that.

Jules said...

I can only see the very top of the photo as the rest hasn't downloaded!!! I will believe everyone that it is a very interesting roof!!!!

Just called in to say hi - I still have connecting troubles and have only got to a few friends today.

Kate said...

I'd hate to have to retile this roof--very steep!

Linda said...

fascinating! I wonder why it's there?

Neva said...

It's amazing what you notice when you are blogging isn't it? very intriguing about the anchor.....thanks for the snippet, wom tigley.

strugglingwriter said...

I've seen this too and wonder why it's there. I also think it is a anchor. Maybe something to do with the architect or Brockerhoff?

Stefan Jansson said...

Never seen a roof like that and it's great to see new things with the help of a camera.

JAM said...

I'd hate to the on the roofing crew that had to re-shingle that house. Phew!

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