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Sunday, August 5, 2007

Clown Attack!

Warning! Not suitable for some children. If your child doesn't like clowns, I'd advice you not to show them this photo. LOL.

This photo was taken at Delgross's Amusement park of my sister goofing around. Here she is being attacked by a clown, which is really a garbage can.

I have been posting a few photos that I took and didn't post about two weeks ago because my mom had a heart attack on Thursday. I was debating on whether to post about it, but thought someone may benefit by knowing the symptoms. So, everyone go look up the symptoms on the Internet to be aware of them. If you want to read about my mom, go to my other site at:


joy said...

That's a terrific idea to encourage kids to keep the place clean. However, I do know some people have a fear of clowns.

Sorry to hear abour your mom.


Norwich Daily Photo

Old Wom Tigley said...

I've left you a comment on your other blog, and I wish your mother all the very best.

As for this clown.... I don't like them at all, have you ever seen or read Steven Kings 'IT'? Thats enough to put you off them for life ha!
Got to agree though it's a cracking idea to encourage children to use litter bins. Well done to your sister for assisting in the picture..

Anonymous said...

Clowns cause some people to feel uneasy. I suppose it is because the guy or gal inside the makeup might be your neighbor making faces at you, or worse, the strangler looking for the next neck to twist.

This clown and your sister makes a nice pair.

I will go read your other post about your mom.

Abraham Lincoln
About ?

Kate said...

I just finished reading about your mother. So happy that she was seen in time to have some quick remedies. Hope for the best in the future; modern medicine can do wonders at times. Posting this message for your readers is very important, and I'm glad that you did this. The daily photo bloggers are a caring community; there's support here, too.

Re. your photo; my children hated clowns after I mistakenly engaged one for a birthday party. Interesting, isn't it?!

marie6 said...

It's a good idea for a garbage bin, as it would attract kids and adults too, so they get to use it.
Sorry to hear about your mum, I'll be reading your link later. Hope she'll feel better soon.

travelphilippines said...

Junior will definitely hates this pic.

Dan said...

I've had nightmares like that!

Annie said...

Heart attacks aren't funny things and I imagine you and the rest of your family have to look back to the past few weeks to find anything to laugh about. Your Mom's heart history now puts you and your sister on alert to watch your own heart health. Thank you, Barb, for encouraging us all to do so.

iBlowfish said...

Sorry about your mom. I hope she is getting better soon.

Jules said...

Clowns are Jekyl & Hyde aren't they - the fun and the fear.

Barb - so sorry to hear about your Mum - will check-in on your other blog.

My family all have a history of heart disease so I make sure I do all the right things for my heart - you only have one!!!!

lv2scpbk said...

It's the strangest thing sometimes about how things are. I just recently had a checkup and the doctor told me if I didn't change my eating ways, I was headed for a heart attack or stroke without a doubt. Then my mom a week or so later has a heart attack.

I had open heart surgery when I was 17 yrs old at Cleveland Clinic in OH for a hole in my heart the size of a half dollar. They said if I didn't have it done, I wouldn't be able to have kids and if I didn't have kids would only live to be around 40 years old. The doctors said all babies are born with holes in their hearts that as they get older are suppose to close. My didn't, it kept getting bigger and only 2 chambers were working instead of 4. I had the surgery and had children and am fine except now where the doctor said I have to change what I eat. Heart problems for us run in both my dad's side and my mom's side.

Felicia said...

Hi Barb, I hope your mom is feeling better and I hope that you'll take care of yourself too! I have mixed feelings about clowns - sometimes they are scary and sometimes they are okay. The one in your photo looks harmless - does your sister still have her right arm?

photowannabe said...

Its a wake up call for all of us. Thanks for it.
I guess clowns aren't my favorite thing either.

dr. filomena said...

Sure looks like you and your sister had a good time :-) Clowns tend to take your mind off other things, right. I send good thoughts for your Mother. Cheers from Slovenia

Marie said...

Dear Barb, you too had to undergo a great trial. I read your posts about your mom on your other blog.

Funny clown. I guess some kids would be afraid of putting their hands in his mouth.

Regarding the post on my blog, people generally find people should be free to put stone motorcycles or anything else on the tombs of their dear ones who have died but they still think it is bad taste. I was surprised at the reaction of my friend Denis who is a fervent Catholic (which is not so frequent in France now) and who thinks people should be allowed to do what they want. Personally he just wants a cross. My friend Stella wants to be cremated. Roberto thinks cemeteries are not places to visit and should be "reserved" for the families of people who are buried there. I do not agree with him except as regards the lack of respect "shown" by many French people nowadays.

Jilly said...

Ah, it's a clown day. Kate has posted a clown too. Interesting discussion on whether or not children are scared. Not surprising really and even some adults don't care for clowns. Personally I love them if they are good. As I said on Kate's some children don't like street theatre people who stand like statues and then suddenly move an eye...

So sorry to read about your mother. A heart attack is often, believe it or not, a life-saver - a warning - and with right medication, change in life-style perhaps, all will be well. Once the operation is over, fingers and toes will be crossed and then on with life again for her and for you.

annulla said...

It is so frightening when a parent is stricken with serious illness. Hope your mom is feeling better soon.

Please put me firmly in the "no clowns" category.

As Bart Simpson said, "Can't sleep. Clowns will eat me."

JAM said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your mother. I hope she recovers well. I'll certainly be praying for her.

I have a complete heart exam and stress test coming up in a few weeks. Many doctors start the type of testing I ask for when folks turn 50, but I started in my late 30s because my Dad died at 60 of one and my older brother died at 41 of one. So far I've always been cleared, but I still have the whole checkup done every couple of years to help spot anything that might be amiss.

Again, my prayers go up for your mother and the whole family. It can be a scary time.

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