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Monday, November 26, 2007

The Waffle Shop

The Waffle Shop is a good place to eat for breakfast foods or lunch. They close at 3pm so you can't order dinner here. They have good coffee and I love ordering the strawberry waffle.


Isadora said...

Oh Barbara - I'm with you. Let's go and have breakfast.

quintarantino said...

"Breakfast in América" sang SUPERTRAMP. It was a good song and the perfect soundtrack for this photo.

Jim said...

The Waffle Stop has to be better than that other Waffle place.

Anonymous said...

Waffles are delicious here where I live too. We have one of those national outlets. Waffle House. It used to be busier than now as they raised their prices and business fell way off. So now they have also made the waffles smaller. I don't know if they know what they are doing or now but what they do sell is still good.

Birds Bugs Beasts

imac said...

Hot Waffles with fruits of the forest and ice cream please.

Nice shot Barbara.

New post now showing

Viola said...

I would like to try this strawberry waffle. BTW, the pumpkin pie looks delicious. I like the crust.

Red Ink said...

You can eat waffle ?

Down here, "waffle" is talking scribble, like George Bush, one of the world's great examples of a waffler !

Looks nice though - I prefer your meaning of the word.

Chris said...

Ever since we were in Belgium, I have been craving good waffles. . . I'll be up tomorrow morning!!

photowannabe said...

Umm I would like that to eat right now. Sounds good. I'll be right over.

smilnsigh said...

These close-early places are great! And they get a large following.


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