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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Frosty Coke

Give me a frosty Coke please, without the Coke. I prefer Diet Pepsi myself, but my husband drinks Coke. This morning when I woke up to take the dogs out to do their business, I noticed the coke bottle with all the frost on it.

What's your favorite soda? And, do you call it soda or pop?


quintarantino said...

Between Coke and Pepsi, I'll drink any. But can tell the difference. However, doctor forbid me of drinking that kind of stuff because of the sugar. So now only wine, water and fruit juice.

Lori said...

I guess winter is coming if you are having frost at night. Now I call it soda, but I can't remember when I was a kid if we said soda or pop. Maybe we used both terms!

Old Wom Tigley said...

Over here it's Pop.. I prefer Coke.. infact if my stomach is off I'll drink coke.. or tonic water.

Just up the road from us are the big reservoirs at a place known locally as WOODHEAD.. these reservoirs fed all the homes with clean water... when I was young I would run in the house at summer time and ask my mum for for some pop, she would alway say there's plenty of 'Woodhead Pop' in the tap.. ha! I still drink tap water now and think of it as 'Woodhead Pop'..

Marie said...

I don't drink any of those. My younger son used to drink a lot of Coke. The last time he went to the dentist's, the dentist told him he must stop drinking Coke if he didn't want to lose all his teeth.

Do you mean it freezes where you live ?

lv2scpbk said...

Marie, No, it was a Coke bottle that fell on the ground that was suppose to be in the recycle bin. I noticed the frost on it, and well, thought of a picture. That's the only reason I took the photo.

imac said...

Pop Barb.
Lemonade, made from real lemons.
apart from a nice cool beer of Guiness.

photowannabe said...

We call it soda on the west coast. I don't drink much soda at all but I prefer Pepsi.

JAM said...

That's amazing. It's been a while since I've seen frost in person.

In the South, they're ALL Coke, and then you specify beyond that.

Worker: I'm going down to the Coke machine to get a Coke. You want one?
Worker 2: Sure.
Worker 1: What kind?
Worker 2: Dr. Pepper.
Worker 1: Ok, I'll be right back.

See? All sodas are Coke at first and then it's narrowed down to the specific choice, regardless of brand.

Weird, but in the South, Coke is a generic term for soda or pop, much as Xerox is used to refer to a copy regardless of whether the copy is made on a Sharp, Lanier, Hp copier or whatever.

We've been haveing quite the cold snap down here too. Highs in the mid to upper seventies and lows in the low sixties. Humidity below 50%! Wuhoo!

Jules said...

Over here we get both and i usually drink Coke but Pepsi was available in Vietnam more so than Coke so I had it a couple of times and it was fine!!!

Nothing beats a freezing cold Coke on a hot day which is what it is here all the time.

Willard said...

I always call it "pop" and I used to be a Pepsi freak, but then the doctor said no more "pop" with sugar in it so I tried the diet version for awhile, but didn't really like it. I then discovered that while I didn't care for the original Mountain Dew, that I loved the taste of Diet Mountain Dew so I turned into a "Diet-DEWAHOLIC". I hate to think what the doctor would say if she knew how much of that I consume.

Hyde DP said...

I used to prefer Pepsi to Coke but nowadays we generally go for Coke Zero.

never use/used the term soda [soda was a hard soap!] and pop generally meant fizzy lemondade. All colas whether pepsi, coke or "own-brand" are referred to as coke whereas others such as iron-brew, tizer, dr pepper &c are just known as "soft drinks" [as opposed I presume to hard drinks containing alcohol] or "fizzy drinks"

Linda said...

I actually doesn't really like soda, it's too artificial for me. Once you go "natural" there's no turning back. ;-)

Ming the Merciless said...

Went to a wedding in New Jersey yesterday and we saw frost on the mountains too.

Winter is coming!! I have a love-hate relationship with winter. It is my favorite season (Thanksgiving & Christmas) and I love the cold, but I hate the dryness in the air. I have to have the humidifier on all day long.

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