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Thursday, November 29, 2007


Here's the gazebo at Tallyrand Park. They have it all decorated with a tree inside. Right next to that area they are working on doing some construction, but I'm not sure what. They've been working at the park for awhile now in different areas.


Anonymous said...

I am no longer sure that I like gazebos. I know there is a kind of country charm associated with them, and that goes back back to the Civil War era and beyond. It is supposed to be a place to meet, in shelter, for any occasion. I know our great Darke County Fair built a monster one and it sets empty 350 days a year and is only occupied during the annual fair with country singers.

My neighbor had a big one built behind his house about 30 years ago. It is really a nice one and I talked to him and he said it was a place for him and his wife to sit and enjoy tea and watch the people walk by. Since that time I have never ever seen him or his wife in it and the furniture bought for it was thrown out to the trash man about ten years ago. It sets there empty.

We have one at our park that is seldom sheltering anyone. I wonder if your park gazebo is still the place to be or to be seen?

Old Wom Tigley said...

I think they look great, but should be used more, what a shame about those that Abe mentions.

imac said...

You really need a large garden to have one, lol, DW's shed(studio) takes up about a thrird of our garden.

Monet's Garden now showing

GMG said...

Beautiful picture! I usually love gazebos, at least to see them... as I adored to see those ducks (they could be porcelain...)!

Neva said...

What a lovely gazebo. We use our gazebo just about everyday in the summer....we have coffee and tea in ours on Sunday mornings and as long as it is not tooo cold...we haven't put our furniture away yet! I think public ones are used less as there is no reason to be there unless to get out of the sun.

quintarantino said...

That is really a lovely gazebo... don´t have much of that around here.

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