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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Camera Critters and Pet Pride - Two Dogs Needing a Home

My sister and I was out and about the other day and stopped at the PSPCA to take a look around. The lady there told me that these two dogs need a good home and need to be adopted together. The one is just heart sick without the other. Chaz is a black and white terrier mix and is 10 yrs old. And, Brutus is a brown and white pug/chihuahua mix and is also 10 yrs. old. Both are males.

As you know it's so hard to adopt out dogs that are older and that come in a pair. So if you know of anyone who would love these two cuties please send them to
The Pennsylvania SPCA
Centre Hall Adoption Center
2451 General Potter Highway
Centre Hall, PA 16828
I wish I could adopt every dog out there that needs a home but unforunetly I can't. Here's their website if you want to take a look. PSPCA Adoption Centre Hall

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Iowa Gardening Woman said...

I wish I could take them both, I hope they find their forever home soon. How sad.

Gattina said...

I cross my fingers that they both find a nice new home !

AL said...

I hope and pray that these two cuties would find a new home. I have three adopted dogs.

jabblog said...

I hope they find a home soon, poor boys. They must feel so strange to have lost their old home.

i beati said...

wish they were mine sandy

Greyscale Territory said...

Dear little cuties! I so hope they find a good home!

Trotter said...

Hi Barb! Don't think they would feel comfortable in an appartment... Better a house...

Blogtrotter Two is waiting for you in Turkey.... ;) Enjoy and have a great week!!

Kcalpesh said...

They're so cute! I believe they'll soon find their homes...

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