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Monday, July 20, 2009

Mellow Yellow Monday and My World Tuesday -Duck Visit

My grandson and I was playing in our backyard and heard this quack, quack, quack. I ran in the house for some bread and the camera just in case. Here you see the ducks have landed and coming in our yard. Not sure if they wanted to visit us or was just curious about the pink flamingo in our yard.

After they came into the backyard we were throwing them some bread but the one that look like he was leading the pack wouldn't eat any so the rest followed suit. I know the one really wanted to eat but he probably didn't want to get kicked out. You know how peer pressure can be.

After taking a quick look around I think they decided to take a walking tour over in the neighbors yard. Not sure how long they decided to walk. It's at least four miles to the park where the other ducks are and if I were them, I'd rather fly the distance.

It was really exciting for my six year old grandson. We see them at the park all the time but they never land in the backyard. I asked my grandson, wouldn't that have been cool if your pool was still up and they took a swim in it? We took his 10' x 6' blow up pool down the day before they decided to visit us. Oh well, maybe next time.

Well, now you have it, that's my world. Never a dull moment. To see more participants, click here: My World Tuesday

Thought I'd combine these two meme's, so to see more Mellow Yellow participants, click here: Mellow Yellow Monday As you can see the ducks feet are yellow.

If you do a craft of any kind, and you want to join me in my new meme called Craft It Wednesday come to my other blog here to add your name and url to Mcklinky. My blog address is:


Sylvia K said...

Interesting that they wouldn't eat! Wonder what the thinking was -- well, if ducks think. Fun shots, fun post!

Martha in PA said...

The ducks are cute!


Snap said...

I love to watch ducks. When we lived on Galveston Island we fed the flock. It was too much fun! Thanks for the memories. I'm sure your grandson was delighted with the ducks visit.

Arija said...

Ya gotta love the duckies!

Babooshka said...

I ma surrounded by ducks along the harbour. They are curious little things and I swear wach has it's own personlity.

mkreider said...

Great story and photos. Nice how you merged the memes!

I'm going to check out Craft It Wednesday.

Tina said...

How nice that these ducks landed in your yard..funny how they just appear, we have the same visitation once in a while from neighboring mallards. A very nice treat for your grandson. Nice photos and cute post.

I hope to drop by again ...looking forward to seeing some pixs of Bellefonte..haven't been there in a while. Grew up in Snow Show. Bellefonte was always a nice little town..such a wonderful area!!

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