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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Camera Critters - and- Pet Pride- Licking His Chops

Today is Camera Critters and Pet Pride...

Tucker must have thought something was good because he was licking his mouth. About a year ago Tucker got this licking obsession and it drives me nuts. Not just licking his mouth like this, he licks his body continuous. Any ideas on how to make him stop?

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Anonymous said...

I am no expert but would guess it is a seasonal allergy related to the grass in some way. Your vet would know and probably be able to prescribe something for him that would end the misery he has been enduring each summer. Lets Make History.

Sylvia K said...

I'm inclined to agree with Abe -- sounds like allergies of some kind. Perhaps there is something that you could give him that would end the misery for both of you.

Dianne said...

my neighbor dog has seasonal allergies, and it all started with constant licking
then he stopped walking on the grass
the vet was extremely helpful
it appears the allergies are very strong this year because of the very wet spring

Tucker is a sweetie

Rambling Round said...

Pretty dog, and I agree with the others. He may be allergic to something.

Martha in PA said...

Pretty dog. I think my dog, Princess, licks her paws when she is nervous.... she does it rarely but when she does it is almost an obsession!

magiceye said...

hmmm... even i indulge in at times and then my human applies some anti bacterial powder to relieve me of the itchy feeling...


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