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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Mountain Laurel

Moutain Laurel with greenery as background.

Moutain Laurel with the sky as the background.

The Mountain Laurel bush.

Mountain Laurel is Pennslyvania's state flower. To read more facts about it, go here:


Old Wom Tigley said...

I've never heard of these.. or seen them before... I followed the link and read up on the others.. I think it is great how you have a state flower.... I'm wondering now if the county of Cheshire have there own flower..
Great post and it as given me something to look into.

Abraham Lincoln said...

That is beautiful. I love to see these flowers when I am where they are. My problem is I go to the mountains when they look like everything else green.

GMG said...

Hi Barb! Back home and profiting from the holidays, I’m trying to catch up your posts (What a nice week: June 10th, Portugal’s Day; June 13th, Lisbon’s Day - St. Anthony of Lisbon, not Padua… ;)).
Beautiful pictures of lovely flowers. Amazing picture of the power lines. Loved to see the horses and cows as well as your mini-golf field!
Thanks for your comments at Blogtrotter, which is now landed in Santiago de Compostela, Spain! Hope you enjoy, and have a nice weekend!

Sandpiper said...

Beautiful! I saw my first flowering Mountain Laurel today. It's our state flower here in CT.

Sandy Kessler said...

oh I miss this and peonies, lilacs. I used to live in Quakertown sandy

Neva said...

I am not familiar with the mountain sure is reminds me of the rhododendron which is the West Virginia state flower....Does it smell?

laptop battery said...

Oh yeah Pattie...I just went to our Lilac Festival in Lombard, IL a few weeks ago; held at Lilacia Park..filled with different kinds of lilac trees & bushes.. They were my mom's favorite too..and one of mine now too. I took pics and they look at lot like these Laptop batteries.

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