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Friday, September 28, 2007

Bicycle Scene

These old bikes made a wonderful bicycle scene beside a house near Rebersburg.


Dusty Lens said...

I always wonder about these things; whom the bike belonged to, how many miles has it seen.

GMG said...

Lovely pictures lately; Rebersburg post office, the poles, the horses and the bikes. Amazing...
Just left Bali on Blogtrotter; posting on Singapore on the way back to Europe...
Have a great weekend!

Mike said...

Old is cool. Nice shot.

Quint said...

Very, very nice photo.
By the way, some cake recipe today. Want to give it a try?

Chris said...

Great bikes! Unfortunately, I don't think we (Americans) bike as much as we used to or should. When we were in Amsterdam two weeks ago, I was *amazed* at the number of people who rode bikes. . . .Supposedly, there are 600,000 in the city. . .600,000 (And a couple of thousand almost ran me over!)! And, most of them ride bikes like those in your photo.

We would see men in suits. . .women in skirts and heels. . .people with dogs in baskets. . .people with their chidlren in baskets. . . .It was something else! And!! They have parking lots specifically for bikes.

Can you see Americans riding bikes like that?

lv2scpbk said...

Chris, no I can't see Americans riding bikes like this anymore. But, on the other hand, all the motorist would run you down. They need more bike trails so we can. That would have been neat to be where you were to see all the bike riders. Did you get pictures?

Old Wom Tigley said...

I have seen old butchers bikes that now form a flower display in gardens, and a chap who's land rover my friend bBarry looks after as a few old police and post offiec bikes and other such stuff leaned against a wall as a talking point in his garden.

photowannabe said...

Nice old bikes among the flowers.
I like your picture of the horses too.
Have a great weekend.

Neva said...

I never realized bikes were such a big decorating item.There are a few in yards with flowers near here. I should get a photo.

JAM said...

It's strange how old rusty bikes, trikes, and buckets give such a strong vibe of times gone by. It reckon it's since we all probably had similar ones in our childhood.

Bikes and trikes that is. I personally didn't have a bucket when I was a kid;)

Hyderabad Daily Photo said...

There are many old bikes in India.
Not many ride bicycles here anymore
either. I think more and more people
here and in the US are getting on the
stationary bikes. There are a fair
number of old American cars here as well - Impala, Humber, Packard, which you don't see on American roads.
Someone can do a good business buying
old bikes and cars and selling them in the US - maybe someone IS doing it. :)

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