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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Animal Rugs

Here's a lady trying to win a animal rug with the ring toss game.


Jules said...

Hi Barb - this made me laugh!!
Where would you put a fake tiger skin with the head attatched - the mind boggles!!!

I hope she gets what she wants but I would be hoping to miss if I was throwing!!!!

quintino said...

Jules, mind you... some guys would even put it just by the rear car window... there's people for everything you know... but it's always better to be fake...
Anyway, Barb, she missed didn't she?

lv2scpbk said...

Quin, This made me laugh and yes she did miss. Maybe she was camera shy. LOL

Jules, I didn't want one of these either. My thought is, a dust collector.

JAM said...

Nice photo, but...

I hate carnival games. If there's one thing on this earth I suck at, it's carnival games. The looks on my daughter's faces as I lost time after time after time turned embarrassment into hatred.

I hope this lady won something, though I doubt it.

Neva said...

and my question would be....who would want an animal skin...fake or not...around the house or car? yuk! but I like the picture.....very funny.

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