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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Snack Shop

I think this is my last shot at Poe Valley. This is the snack shop. I took it because of the lines in the railing.


Old Wom Tigley said...

Hi Barbs,
This as been a great series of pictures, I for one am sad to see it end. Poe Valley is a beautiful place.
I can imagine sitting by the this Snack shop and resting after a day spent exploring.

Clueless in boston said...

Yes, nice series of pictures. I find the first picture, maybe because it is slightly angled to be more interesting.

imac said...

I too have enjoyed Poe Valley.
Lookforward to more like this.
I guess that peeps are ready for a snack when they get down

Kerri said...

I like the second picture...... looking down the steps. I favor those types of pictures.... looking down tracks, roads etc. Nice shot and I've enjoyed Poe Valley!

Chad Oneil said...

Almost thought it was "Cowens Gap" ;)

smilnsigh said...

Walk those stairs, down and back ~ and burn off some calories gained, in the Snack Shop, hu? ,-)


Hyderabad Daily Photo said...

Nice pictures. Ideal place to eat - with a view of the water.

JAM said...

These are cool!

I love the top shot, your angle on the scene lets the peaks and valleys of the roof mimic those of the railing. One of my old photography professors loved seeing that kind of "echo" in our photographs.

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