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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Camera Critters - Skunks, Snowman and Santa

Here's a few Camera Critters for today. Today is Saturday and it's snowing outside. It should be our first snow but it isn't. It's our second snow, because our first snow was in October when it was still autumn outside.

Here's a photo of our neighbors yard with a Santa and Snowman. I really like how the bench looks in the snow.

Here's a picture of my skunks in the snow in my front yard...

To see more participants of Camera Critters hosted by Misty, go here:

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Anonymous said...

Yep! Its snowing here today, but I don't have any skunks! Just two dogs that want to go out and play some more. Have a good weekend.

Mrs. Salty said...

Hey, its snowing here too!
A beautiful 'winter wonderland'.

Enjoyed your photos!

Jane said...

Its not snowing here yet, had freezing fog though and rain. Nice image, I like the snowman:)

Dianne said...

the bench is lovely in the snow

Manang Kim said...

Is the skunk real? For sure they wanted to be warm ^_^ Thanks for sharing!

My Camera Critters

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