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Friday, August 29, 2008

Sky Watch Friday -Weather Vane

To see more participants of Sky Watch Friday, please go to Tom's place here:


Anna said...

I like this.

Sky Watch has its own home now -

fishing guy said...

Barb: I like the way the weather vane is pointing into the stark Sky.

babooshka said...

Unusual weather vane Very delicate image.

imac said...

Love the weather vein.

Louise said...

That's an elaborate weather vane! Nice photo.

The Texican said...

Nice choice for Skywatch. Pappy

GMG said...

Hi Barb! First of all many thanks for your comment on my post of 08.08.08 at 08h08 at Blogtrotter, now in Kos, Greece! It was great to read you there. Second, sorry for the long delay to come here, but August was a terribly busy month, as everybody else seems to be in vacation… ;))
Anyhow, I found sometime now to land here and enjoy your blog. The pictures for the sky watch are gorgeous, in particular the August 22nd! Amazing Parking meters, and beautiful tallyrand Park! Great treat!
Wish you a great weekend!

sonia a.m. said...

Amazing photo! Very interesting tower!

PS: I would like to invite you to join Ecological Day, next September 2th. You can post on your blog a diversity of issues about the master theme of Ecology. I will open Mister Linky September 1th, 06:00 PM. Would be great if you participate! More information on my blog.
Have a nice Sunday!

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