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Monday, December 10, 2007

Wreaths for Sale

Here's some wreaths for sale.

This store sells wreaths and Christmas stuff, along with trees in the winter. In the summer they sell plants of all kinds. This photo wasn't too good, but thought I'd show it anyway.

My computer is semi-back up and running. They need to tweek a few things, because it's slow. I'll be back later to visit everyone.


smilnsigh said...

Great Seasonal shots!

And now, your computer is all running again! Yaaaaaaaaaaa!

And you have most of your shopping done and wrapped. -oh sigh- Why can't I say Yaaaaaaaaaa to this too? Because I don't! LOL!!!!

Of course it's great! I get just so much done and then, run out of steam. ,-) My fault. My bad! Must "get steam" back again. :-)


Bergson said...

I arrive, it does not have yet there no decoration for Christmas in the house. we are very late. Quickly a crown for the door.

Lori said...

Oh that looks like a nice place. Is it Tait farms? Those wreaths are pretty!

Jim said...

They have a large selection, your pictures turned out nice.

Anonymous said...

Your post today reminds me that when I was young and growing up, in those days before automobiles had heaters in them and air conditioning was all around you, that people bought wreaths but they were never for Christmas but were always for deaths and were always painted black and always hung on the front door. Then people passing by would know somebody died and were on display in the parlor. If you knew them, you could go in and take a look at the coffin with the body in it.

Times have changed a lot.

quintarantino said...

Already have a wreath on my front door. But I'm sure there are some beautiful ones there for sale.

As for your computer, don´t worry. Your machine is just like all others. When they seem to gain a will of their own, we're in "trouble"

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