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Friday, December 7, 2007

Berries with Snow

These are on our bushes in the front of our house. They are not edible. I believe this bush is called the burning bush. It gets red leaves in the fall.


Anonymous said...

The wood looks like a burning bush. The berries are pretty. Around here, when these bushes are smaller, the rabbits will eat off all lower branches in winter and stand up to eat them in the snow so the bushes here all take on a funnel shape due to rabbits.

It is a nice picture.

Willard said...

That's a super shot, Barb.

I agree with you and Abe that this is burning bush.

I showed your blog to my wife last night and she really liked your pictures.

imac said...

The red berries stand out and makes a really great shot. like it a lot.

Story ends and a question in my blog.

Rambling Round said...

Those touches of snow really brings out the red berries.

Viola said...

I am facinated by its "wings" which flare out along its branches. Great picture with the nice color composition.

Salty said...

The red berries & snow make it look a lot like Christmas!

Nice capture!

Ming the Merciless said...

The red berries are pretty!!

I suspect they aren't edible or else the birds and squirrels would have gotten to them already.

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