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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

ABC Wed. - "G" = Grass

A close up of pinkish grass. I always liked this kind of tall decorative grass.

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Kris said...

It always reminds me of a cat’s tail.

Kim from Hiraeth said...

Very pretty. Sometimes we are lazy in our thinking and expect grass to always be green and mown. This is lovely!

Tommy V said...

nice post for "G"

Neva said...

I have some of these in pots on my deck but don't know what they are called. A very good "G"!
Mine is here.

AphotoAday said...

Pleasing shot...

Bear Naked said...

We have many different decorative grasses near our ponds.
I love how they move in the different winds.

Bear((( )))

leslie said...

Fancy making grass so photogenic! A lovely shot - I really like the different types of grasses.

bitingmidge said...

When I see brown grass I think dry, fire danger, but this is quite contrary to my usual reference!

Sunshine Coast Daily - Australia

Mrs. Salty said...

On Labor Day we went to Bellefonte to visit your historic town!
I have wanted to visit Bellefonte since we have been reading your blog; it’s a very interesting and lovely town.

I was impressed with the time capsule that was put in the sidewalk in October of 1976; I graduated in June of that year. What really impressed me was your town has produced 5 governors!

Salty and I parked in front of the Courthouse Annex; took pictures of the war memorial and walked down to the visitor’s center at Tallyrand Park. That is quite a walk up and down High Street!

We both remarked about some of the pictures we have seen on your blog from the park! While there we saw families picnicking, feeding ducks and just enjoying the nice day. We fed the ducks and fish from the food that was in a gumball type machine on the bridge.

Since it was a holiday, most little shops and restaurants were closed. We wanted to eat lunch at a “local flavor” restaurant, but since they were closed we ate at Dairy Queen and for dessert we shared a banana cream pie blizzard!

At least the Dairy Queen was in the historical Brockerhoff Hotel.

Anonymous said...

Your decorative grass is just what I call, "Purple Grass" and you might be interested to know that I planted 6 clumps earlier this summer and it is established now and doing fine. I read the tags that came with it and it says it might be killed by cold weather so I am trying to think of novel ways to protect it. I did also plant some other green decorative grasses close to it to form, eventually, a screen of sorts. Anyway, I would like to do away with my lawn grass altogether and put either all decorative grasses, drought tolerate stuff, or just stones. LOL

Nice post. Nice grass.

lv2scpbk said...

Mrs. Salty, There are seven governors listed in Bellefonte. Did you see both sides of the stone at Tallyrand? Here's where I posted about it before if you'd like to check it out.

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