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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

ABC Wed. "D" = Door

This is a lovely house in downtown State College, which is about a 20 min. drive from Bellefonte. I love the brick on this house and all the wonderful flowers in the front.

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Gramma Ann said...

Lovely use of the D today. The Door is surrounded by a lovely house and all those beautiful flowering shrubs.

Leo said...

very nice use of the D.. the house looks nice.. old style.. and a lovely garden!

Hood Photo Blog said...

Oh my, what a gorgeous garden - a beautiful entry!

Have a great week!

Hood Photo Blog

Sylvia K said...

A lovely door it is and a great one for the D Day, Barb! Hope your week is going well!


photowannabe said...

It looks like the setting for a Victorian novel.
Lovely place.

Roger Owen Green said...

Love the flowers as well.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

imac said...

Very pretty.

Julie said...

I love the house construction too, although to my eyes it looks more like roughly hewn stone rather than brick. I also like the flowers which put me in mind of azaleas. Thank you for your post today.

Tumblewords: said...

What a glorious spot - love the style of this and the front landscaping is wonderful, wonderful!

mrsnesbitt said...

Hmmm a door - so many possibilities of what lies beyond!

ABC Team

Manang Kim said...

I love places or houses that is surrounded with flowers and trees. Great shot!

ABC Wednesday~D

Martha said...

Love the door!

Door photos are fascinating. I especially love old doors. They are full of mystery!

~Brenda said...

This house is charming;
reminds me of houses I see on Agatha Christie’s “Miss Marple”
on PBS.

Jay said...

Very lovely indeed! I bet it takes some work to keep it that way!

There's something lovely about arched doorways, don't you think?

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