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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

ABC Wed. - "J" = Jesus

A Jesus statue by Pleasant Gap, about a 10 min. drive from Bellefonte. They sell stones and statues here for loved ones.

To see more ABC Wed. participants, go here:

Just a side note: I had to change my blog back to word verification because someone keeps putting garbage on it Anonymous. So for now, you will have to type in the word verification on comments.


imac said...

Nice shot.

There are a few around at the moment, that just like to leave funny messages.

Mrs. Salty said...

Jesus is a very good choice for the letter 'J'.

That's o.k. about the using the word verification; sometimes you need to do this in an effort to keep the spam away.

Vita Stunder said...

Good choice for J - Jesus!

You might like my post :)

The word verification is good to have sometimes!
I hope you get rid of the garbage now!

Have a great ABC!

Babooshka said...

I can't top your choice today.

Carol said...

Good choice for J...nice shot out the window...

Neva said...

A fabulous choice......I am surprised more people didn't think of this!

GMG said...

Hi Barb! Sorry for the absence! It has been hard to get some free time... ;)
Interesting shot!
The dog waiting was amazing!!

Now, «The Masterpiece» waits you and your comments at Blogtrotter. You shouldn’t miss it, believe me... ;). Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Marie said...

I too think that was a great choice for J.
Have a nice Sunday!

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